@ Work! Team Building with CMM!

It’s Team Party Time!

Show your team some love and plan a team party at Color Me Mine Boulder! They work hard for you all year long and deserve a little creative fun. 🙂 We can bring everything needed to your location or you can pack up the crew and head to our studio! Either way, we do all the work so you and your team can enjoy some much deserved creative fun!  

A few ideas for team building activities are below, but we can customize any theme for any event! 

Canvas Painting:

Each person will create their own work of art on canvas. Select a single design for everyone to create in their own way!


This Mug’s for You!

This Mug’s for You is a team building exercise that gets the group working together. Each individual starts by painting his/her name on a mug and passing it along. The next person adds a word or symbol that represents the mug’s owner. The mug goes around until it arrives back at it’s starting place, filled with personality!


Go Green @ Work!

Go Green @ Work is an exercise that addresses the styrofoam and paper products we find in our office break rooms. First, each painter chooses a plate, bowl or mug that will eliminate his/her use of disposable ones. Next, each creates a design to represent his/her commitment to greener living – we have plenty of design aids to inspire creativity!


Free for All!

Each individual can pick their own piece from over hundreds of pieces of pottery onsite at our studio and create a masterpiece!


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get that team together!