Calling All Wizards to CMM Boulder!


We’ve just unlocked the most magical November! Join us for a fascinating and spellbinding time the entire month of November as we offer some of the most charming workshops that will bring out the magic in any muggle!

Wizarding Kids Workshops:

Nov 2 – Tween Scene – Tweens 9 and up with get to create their very own wizarding wand out of clay! No more getting up for the remote! They can just accio that right over!

Nov 10 – Kids Night Out – Drop those kiddos off between the ages of 5 and 12 for some magical painting fun! They will create their very own favorite wizard or witch plate!

Nov 12 & 20 – Kids Day Out – This is a two part KDO! Sign up for one or both! It’s a double double toil and trouble KDO! These two KDOs are bound to cause some EXCITEMENT! Future wizards and witches should come ready to paint two plates with the crests of two of our favorite wizarding houses at each KDO! And the magic doesn’t stop there! We will also create a magical canvas at both KDOs! Pizza, art and fun! So much magic in two workshops! Ages 5-12.

Nov 29 – And you adult muggles can get in on the magical action too! Join us for our Witches and Wizards Maker’s Night where you guessed it! You get to create your very own wand!The magic is alive on this night! You will create your magic wands out of clay! Then come back in a week to paint your wand! BYOB! Imagine the spell-abilities! Accio beer! Accio wine! This night’s bound to put a spell on you!

November’s so magical… it’s Riddikulus!